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Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Wärmling
Born in Sweden 1961-08-20



After completion of my education, I was working on a chemical vessel as a Second Officer for a brief period and was later employed by Safe Offshore, Gothenburg, Sweden, and worked on their Platforms 1988-1990 as a Safety/Second Officer.
In May 1990 I started to work at Nordic Oriental Ship Management, Skärhamn, Sweden. I worked for six months as a Second Officer on Winter Wave before I was promoted to Chief Officer in 1991 and have since then held that position on the Winter ship and present employment. For the past thirty years I have been working with mixed crew (Philippines, Burmese Singaporean and Malays).

When the Winter vessels were sold in early 2000 I was transferred to Tyrusland, which was a Ro-Ro vessel.
In May 2000 I got an opportunity to work for Wallenius Lines onboard Tristan, which is a PCTC (Pure Car Truck carrier). This was only a temporary contract as a reliever.

As of May, 2001 I am employed by Wallenius Marine AB.



I have been based in Bangkok while working for Seapartner AB and Nordic Oriental Ship management. I am fluent in Swedish, English and Thai. I have basic knowledge in Spanish. I have very good knowledge of computer systems and common applications.

I was studying at Walen School, Bangkok, 2010-11, in order to broaden my career development.

It would be very interesting to work with shipping in the South East Asian region and in particular Thailand, in a suitable position. 

I am an active scuba diver, holding a professional Dive Master License. Preferably I am diving in the warm waters around Thailand, Malaysia Indonesia and Philippines.
I have over 1,500 logged dives.  

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Sea Partner AB
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Arvid Lindholm
Human Resources Manager
Wallenius Marine AB
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